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Snapchat's Parent Company Makes Spectacles Available Online

Tim Maytom

Snap has begun selling its Spectacles sunglasses to the US public online – having previously only been available in ‘Snapbot’ vending machines around the US.

The Spectacles cost $129.99, with charging case and cable, and take two to four weeks to be delivered to the customer’s door. They are available in teal, coral and black.

Despite now providing the opportunity for people to purchase the sunglasses online, Snap will continue to also sell them through its vending machines.

Snap’s Spectacles have a 115° angle lens, which is designed to mimic how the human eye sees. It records up to 10 seconds of video, via a tiny camera in the frame, as lights illuminate around the lens to let people know the glasses are filming.

Snap made it clear in its IPO filing that its Spectacles had ‘not generated significant revenue’ thus far and that it expects to see an increase in ‘cost and expenses due to the launch of Spectacles’. Snapchat’s parent company also pointed out the it was not yet sure ‘whether users will purchase or use Spectacles in the future’.