Snapchat launches new eCommerce tools

Tyrone Stewart

Shoppable Snap AdsSnapchat is continuing to ramp up its eCommerce efforts, introducing three new features just days after announcing a visual search tool partnership with Amazon.

Shoppable Snap Ads, which have been in testing, are now available to all advertisers through Snapchat’s self-serve buying tool. These enable brands to feature a collection of products on their Snap Ad, where users can tap to be taken directly to the product details.

According to Snap, the initial testing group – featuring eBay,, and Guess – all received considerably higher engagement rates using Shoppable Snaps Ads compared to standard Snap Ads with the same products. Wish’s engagement rate is said to have been 17 times higher, while eBay saw five times higher engagement and Guess four times higher.

In addition to the rollout of Shoppable Snap Ads, the app now enables advertisers to import their existing product feeds to Snapchat’s platform. Using these product catalogues, brands can create Story Ads, Snap Ads, and Shoppable Snap Ads via new templates within Ads Manager.

Finally, the Snap Pixel has been improved to enable advertisers to create more customised audiences by targeting users based on the types of pages they visit when on a brand’s site.