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Snapchat partners with third-party measurement companies for brand safety

Tyrone Stewart

SnapSnap has entered into a trio of partnerships in order to help ensure brand safety for advertisers on its Snapchat app.

Third-party measurement companies Integral Ad Science (IAS), Moat and DoubleVerify (DV) have all joined the Snapchat Brand Safety Coalition – which will convene regularly to discuss Snapchat’s policies, approach, and industry best practices.

Individually, and independently, each analytics partner will review Snap’s brand safety protocols, while offering brand safety controls to advertisers to ensure their ads are only delivered with appropriate content on Snapchat.

“IAS commends Snap on taking a proactive approach and partnering with third-party measurement companies to protect brand image for their advertisers,” said David Hahn, CPO at IAS. “Upon review of their unique user design and experience, internal processes, and protocols related to brand safety, IAS is confident that Snap is taking the right steps to mitigate brand risk for their advertisers.”

Wayne Gattinella, president and CEO at DV, said: “DoubleVerify is proud to partner with Snap on this important brand safety initiative. We applaud Snap for swiftly addressing the needs of advertisers for third-party validation across their digital media investments.”