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Snapchat is looking to programmatic for ads on Shows, amid revenue struggles

Tyrone Stewart

SnapchatSnapchat is allegedly planning to turn to programmatic advertising in order to fill empty space within its programming on Discover.

According to Digiday, citing three sources, Snap is looking to inject more programmatic ads into its Shows, despite being reluctant to run ads bought in the auction with its first batch of Shows. Although, advertisers do already have the opportunity to Snap Ads programmatically for Shows through the company’s ad manager.

As it stands, advertisers are able to buy ads programmatically across user Stories, Snapchat’s Our Stories, its Discover publisher content and Shows. These ads can be purchased through Snapchat’s partners like 4C, Kenshoo, and Videology, or through the app’s self-serve platform.

Despite already allowing the programmatic buying of ads for Shows, Snap has mostly opted to sell its inventory directly, and this has come at the expense of not being able to fill its entire ad inventory. This approach has seen some of Snapchat’s most popular shows featuring no advertising at all, despite amassing millions of views.

The main issue with the advertising struggles, Digiday reports, has been pricing. Snap has struggled to set the right price point for its ads on Shows, something that it has struggled with previously on its other advertising products.

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