Snapchat to launch non-skippable ads pilot

Snapchat is to start testing non-skippable 6-second ads called Commercials in in its TV-like shows, according to a report on Digiday. While Snapchat already runs ads, users can currently skip them at any time.

The report quotes three sources with direct knowledge of the plans and says the plans have been confirmed by Snapchat’s parent company, Snap. The likely start date of the tests is 15 May. The ads will run only in select Snapchat Shows, not in Snapchat’s Discover editions, or in users’ personal stories.

While still not profitable, in its most recent results, filed in February, Snap beat analysts’ expectations, reporting revenues of $285.7m and global daily active user numbers of 187m. But advertising is its only source of revenue and the launch of the Commercials pilot shows that it is willing to see how much promotional content its users can stomach.