Snapchat Working on Hardware Product?

snapchat phoneSnapchat is reportedly working on a Google Glass-style device, and has recruited a number of a engineering specialists from other firms with a view to strengthening its hardware capabilities in preparation.

Among the latest additions to the company are two specialists from camera manufacturer GoPro including a mechanical engineer, as well as a technical recruiter who previously worked for Googles Project Aura, the group responsible for producing the Glass.

According to Business Insider, which quoted a source “familiar with the matter”, the company is “serious” about making a play for the hardware market, and has also brought in people with expertise in miniaturisation, low-power electronics and eyewear design.

Snapchat has already made an acquisition in the wearables space, when it quickly picked up Vergence Labs in 2014, a firm that specialised in smart glasses that could record video footage and take photos.

Job postings on Snapchats website also hint towards its ambitions. The company is currently looking for a “3D mobile software engineer” who can “bring the most innovative product concepts to life to help push the boundaries of mobile user experience and interface design across a new category of computer vision products.”

The company is also actively recruiting for its Snap Lab experimental division, with open positions including roles associated with 3D computer vision and mobile prototype development.