Snapchats personalised emoji maker Bitmoji is fastest growing app

Snapchat-owned Bitmoji, which enables users to create their own personalised emojis featuring an animated version of their faces, is the fastest growing app in the US.

According to global media measurement and analytics company comScore, Bitmoji was the fastest growing app from December 2014 to December 2016 – despite its growth only being measured since February 2015.

The app, which has only been around for two and a half years, has seen unimaginable growth. Since 2015, Bitmoji has seen its unique visitors increase by 5,210 per cent.

Those figures get even more impressive when Bitmoji’s 1.2m global downloads in February 2016 are compared to the approximately 15m downloads in February this year.

Snapchat acquired Bitstrips, the parent company of Bitmoji, for a fee of around $100m in March 2016. Snapchat would then integrate the Bitmoji app into its platform – enabling user to respond to messages with their customised emojis – in July 2016, which would also result in Bitstrips ceasing to exist.