Trolling stops social media marketers from using Twitter, says survey

Tyrone Stewart

Twitter46 per cent of social media marketers don’t see a reason to continue using Twitter due to “a lack of useful engagement” on the platform.

According to a survey of more than 2,000 UK-based social media marketers, commissioned by Instagram scheduling tool Hopper HQ, ‘trolling’ and ‘negative users’ are the reasons behind marketers not finding Twitter useful for marketing.

79 per cent of those that don’t use Twitter no longer see the need for Twitter no longer use the microblogging site for employer or client social media marketing. In addition, 72 per cent said their clients/employer spend £0 each month on Twitter ads each month, compared to the average of £7,000 on Instagram and £12,000 on Facebook.

The survey also found that only two per cent of the social media marketers’ clients use Snapchat.

“We know that Snapchat and Twitter have been decreasing in popularity, however to see such a small amount of people within marketing using them for client or employer marketing purposes is surprising,” said Mike Bandar, co-founder of Hopper HQ. “We know that there are fundamental issues with how certain social media channels work and how marketers can use them effectively, and I think our survey has uncovered some of the moving trends in the space.”

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