Social Networking Makes up Nearly Half of Smartphone Traffic

Alex Spencer

Social networks make up more than twice the amount of traffic on smartphones than tablets, according to data from Flash Networks. On smartphones, social networks accounted for a mighty 46 per cent of smartphone traffic, compared to 19 per cent on tablets.

Social networking is the single most popular activity on both types of device, however. In fact, all of the measured activities ranked the same on both. App stores came second (15 per cent on smartphones, vs 18 per cent on tablets), with entertainment content third (13 per cent vs 17 per cent). 

Shopping and adult content were tied for fourth place on both platforms, each making up six per cent of mobile traffic and 13 per cent of tablets'.

News was the lowest broken-out category identified in the data, though it was much more popular on tablets (making up 11 per cent of traffic) than smartphones (just four per cent).