Social Sharing Sees 160 Per Cent Redemption Rate for Location-relevant Coupons

A trial of ‘next-generation’ location app features found that 22 per cent of shoppers targeted with contextually relevant push notification when they are near a store will open the message. Of those, 57 per cent visit the shop. The offers actually had a 160 per cent redemption rate, the study by Digby found, because people go on to share them on social channels.

The location specialist also looked at the uptake of ‘first-generation’ features to see how different shops are adopting the tech. 100 per cent of mobile apps for boutique, casual dining, convenience, drug stores, fast food, grocery and value stores featured first generation store locators features.

Supermarkets, department stores and speciality shops followed on 94 per cent, 75 per cent and 70 per cent respectively. Online retailers, perhaps unsurprisingly, finished last with only 25 per cent offering location-awareness. 36 per cent of the apps identified were already enabled with push notification functionality.