Social Success Story

Facebooks explosion over the past couple of years should not have surprised anyone. The site has been coming on strong for many years, and reaching over a billion active, legitimate users seems like an inevitably that just happened to pan out sooner than expected. What is surprising in the realm of social media, however, is just how actively people use sites like Facebook via their mobile phones and other devices.

This obviously begs a few questions for Facebook marketers, the biggest of which is whether or not ads and campaigns in general should cater directly to a mobile market. Another question marketers ask: do the costs of advertising on Facebook and the methods of targeting a market change in the mobile world? Taking a closer look at the system in general, it becomes clear that not much needs to change with a basic campaign that Facebook hasnt already handled via one of its updates.

Mobile presence

The general consensus is that, with an increased mobile presence, Facebooks numbers are only going to grow going forward. An increased Facebook presence around the globe obviously means more brand recognition for popular brands and businesses that properly format ads and pages and target audiences correctly.

Trending is made easier through increased sharing over a wider number of social networks, all of which are linked to Facebook in some form or fashion. And developing a loyal, active customer base is made much easier through the increased number of users.

Costs arent necessarily rising. In fact, costs have been either steady or slightly decreasing throughout 2012. There are also a lot of third-party apps and tools on the market, like our own, to help increase a marketers ROI by creating ultra-efficient CRM, through streamlined, targeted campaigning, testing and analytics.

Cater for the mobile crowd
Catering directly to a mobile audience doesnt require you to completely change the layout of your page, your posts, or even your ads. Facebook has continuously rolled out new updates that convert your material beautifully for mobile browsers. You only have to remember to use basic mobile development tips in order to cater nicely to the crowd.

You should keep messages short and succinct. Use small images and files. Update frequently to give mobile users something new to see. Keep opt-in procedures simple, and provide a clearly defined opt-out feature. Make your ads intriguing, and specifically targeted to a narrow market. And finally, stay active with contacts.

The truth is that Facebook has taken care of most of what youll need to focus on for a mobile market. The biggest issue you have to worry about is taking measures to stand out in a crowd. Facebooks population isnt only increasing per regular user, but also for marketers. Theres much more competition now, and its important to stand out in the crowd.


Stan Johnson is an online writer for Qwaya