SocialVibe Adds Geofenced Rewards to its Rich Media Offering

SocialVibe has added geofencing technology to its rich media online and mobile advertising solution. SocialVibe is now enabling brands and marketers to reach US consumers with geo-targeted advertising, offers and rewards, with Placecast providing the geofencing technology.

The tie up with Placecast will enable SocialVibe’s to deliver virtual currency via SMS to users who have engaged with a retail ad online, and subsequently find themselves close to one of the retailers outlets. At this point, consumers who have opted in to the program will receive an SMS offering them a reward, which will often take the form of virtual currency. The first retailer to sign up for the program is Best Buy, which will be running a campaign throughout the rest of December.

The customer journey from online engagement to physical location follows three key steps, including a triple opt-in program that starts with the initial SocialVibe online engagement and is finalized when users complete their enrollment via SMS from their mobile device. 

Firstly, while browsing the web, the customer opts in to alerts from a particular brand in exchange for the chance to earn virtual currency related to whatever activity they are participating in, such as a social game, for example. When the user is close to a retail location for the brand program they opted-in to, the geofence is triggered, prompting an SMS alert to be sent to the user. This may include a brand offer, reminder or confirmation of earned virtual currency.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Placecast because of the scale it provides,” said SocialVibedirector of business development, Chris LoRusso. With SMS, there’s no app to build or download. Using geofencing and SMS to deliver virtual currency rewards and brand messaging makes sense because it’s always on, cuts through the clutter, and allows us to extend the brand experience out into the physical world, providing great value to our clients.”