SodaHead: iPhone 4S Leads Christmas Wishlists

Online opinion-polling company SodaHead has found that the iPhone 4S leads the technology category in consumer wish lists. 

Apple achieved something of a clean sweep, as the iPad 2 was also the most coveted tablet in the surveys respondents eyes. 

39 per cent of respondents hope to receive an iPhone 4, while 31 per cent want an iPad 2. The Amazon Kindle Fire scored 17 per cent, while 13 per cent are hoping for an Xbox Kinect. 

The respondents were split over whether its OK to give an app for Christmas – 59 per cent said apps do not make good gifts, while 41 per cent said giving an app was a “great” idea. 

Despite all this consumer gadget lust, though, 74 per cent said that Christmas was too materialistic these days. 

An infographic with complete poll results is available here.