Sofialys Delivers iPhone App for Marmara

French mobile advertising and marketing firm Sofialys is renewing its mobile marketing collaboration with one of the TUI group’s French brands, travel company Marmara. The two companies have been working together for two years in order to develop an effective mobile marketing strategy and innovative operations.

Sofialys initiated an end-to-end mobile strategy for the brand with the aim of driving customer acquisition and brand awareness. This took the form of mobile push campaigns, a loyalty programme, mobile display ad campaigns, the creation of a mobile site, online buzz marketing and now, the Marmara iPhone app.

“It is crucial for a brand such as ours to leverage the potential of any new media capable of boosting brand awareness and acquisition, and using mobile media is an extension of our online activities,” says Olivier Roche, e-commerce director at Marmara. “However, we needed to rely on a partner with strong expertise, and the Sofialys team continuously demonstrates its ability to be not only creative, but also reliable when it comes to delivering results.”

The two companies say they are now working on new mobile marketing message formats, and leveraging new opportunities, such as those offered by the iPad and other mobile platforms.