Sofialys Opens Rich Media Factory

Mobile marketing company Sofialys has launched Rich Media Factory, an in-house rich media mobile advertising department which, the company says, aims to simplify the process of building and distributing rich ads around the world. The Rich Media Factory has already begun working with brands including Coca Cola, Peugeot and HP on HTML5 ads which can be served on Sofialys’ ad serving tools and, shortly, on the company’s ADITIC marketplace.

“We recognised a critical need within the industry for engaging mobile ad experiences,” says Mokhtar Bouchelaghem, CEO of Sofialys. “The creation of an in-house rich media factory goes hand in hand with our long-term objectives: to simplify the complex process of HTML5 rich media mobile ad creation and distribution, while providing the mobile ecosystem with optimised services and tools. Smart devices have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for engaging advertising experiences, and it is our intention to help the whole industry achieve its full potential.”