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Sofialys Unveils ADITIC Premium

David Murphy

Sofialys has unveiled ADITIC Premium, the enhanced version of its mobile advertising platform. Sofialys says the upgrade was inspired by recent market developments that have seen increasing numbers of advertisers and publishers turn to online ad exchanges. As a result, the company says, traditional platforms are confronted with conflicting advertiser and publisher needs, which have also evolved significantly in recent years.

More and more advertisers now wish to extend their reach to new markets, yet pay less for higher volumes of inventory. Publishers, on the other hand, are increasingly keen to increase their revenue stream, yet command higher prices for less inventory. In light of these developments, Sofialys has introduced a number of upgrades to its mobile advertising platform.

The first makes it possible to integrate rich media, as well as other interactive tools, such as MRAID 2.0, VAST and geo-targeting, into advertisements. Secondly, the addition of SSP (Server Side Platform) functionality means the platform is now compatible with all types of inventory. The availability of Premium inventory, says Sofialys, will enable publishers to considerably increase their revenues.

Conversely, advertisers will benefit from more qualified audiences. By combining centralised inventory selling and yield management, it also provides access to many advertisers, exchanges, networks, DSPs etc. from one single point. An RTB option offers publishers the added benefit of a private exchange, where only selected advertisers can buy inventory.

ADITIC Premium also functions as an ad exchange, integrated within the Sofialys ad server, opening up access to all remnant inventory from Sofialys’ partners and white label affiliates. Current partners such as ADSTARS in Indonesia, Twinpine in Africa and SFR in Europe will be able to make their unsold inventory available and consequently maximise their revenues.

“The launch of this enhanced solution demonstrates our ongoing commitment to developing innovative mobile advertising tools and providing a top quality service to our customers,” said Sofialys CEO, Mokhtar Bouchelaghem.