Softtrends Launches LivePVR Call Screening Solution

Softtrends has launched its LivePVR call-screening and voicemail solution for Symbian Series 60 users. The on-device voicemail feature in LivePVR picks up a call (based on user settings), allows the caller to leave voice message and stores it on the device. A Series 60 device user can listen to the voice message when it is being recorded by the caller, and pick up the call to start talking to the caller if so desired. The LivePVR voicemail feature can be enabled and disabled from the main screen, and the user can record multiple greetings and switch between them easily. If a call is picked up after screening, user can start a Phone call recording just by pressing a button.
When using LivePVRs on-device voicemail feature, users can listen to voicemail messages without having to dial the operators voicemail number. LivePVR also provides a backup option to automatically back up or archive all voicemail messages, or manually back up selected messages to a server. A free Desktop application LivePVRSync, enables the user to copy or move recorded messages to a Windows PC. In addition to on-device voicemail, LivePVR also offers automatic phone call recording; audio recording (which can be used as a dictation tool);  and meeting notes recording, with an audio buffer to record something that was said before the recording started. 
On-device voicemail is available in LivePVR 3.00 Professional and Enterprise Editions for Symbian Series 60 devices. A fully-functional trial version of LivePVR 3.00 is available for download here.