Somo and IBM Collaborate for Connected Enterprise Solutions

Tim Maytom

somoConnected solution provider Somo is partnering with IBM to extend its reach into the enterprise market, leveraging IBM's mobile platforms to enhance its range of mobile software.

The partnership aims to provide user-friendly, end-to-end mobile solutions for enterprises and brands, with IBM's cloud services that deliver device management, security and mobile integration combining with Somo's innovation, design and solution strengths. The collaboration will also involve development partner Apple, utilising its consumer experience and skill at hardware and software integration.

Somo has previously provided mobile solutions to large companies such as BP, Fidelity, Bosch and Prudential, and this new partnership will aim to accelerate the company's expertise in the world of connected cars and homes into the connected enterprise market.

"By working with Somo, we have created a fantastic, winning combination to solve our customers' challenges in mobile," said Simon Peel, director of mobile business in Europe for IBM. "We will also help customers realise the potential of the new connected world and how it will change their businesses. We are very pleased to collaborate with such a talented and professional mobile solutions provider."

"I'm very excited that Somo will be joining up with IBM and building upon Somo's existing relationship with Apple to transform the world of enterprise," said Nick Hynes, co-founder and CEO of Somo. "Our product development skills and wide experience earned through our network of global customers such as Audi, De Beers and Red Bull can now be accelerated to IBM's client base. Our aim is to power the world of the Connected Enterprise."