Somo Launches Apptimiser App Tracking Tool

Somo has launched a tool that allows clients to track the effectiveness of app campaigns. The mobile marketing agencys Apptimiser tool allows marketers to track in detail the performance of app-led marketing.

The company says that 25 per cent of all downloaded apps are deleted after a single use or never used at all, making download numbers an ineffective measure of success. Apptimiser allows marketers to measure more meaningful data, such as the third time the app is opened, a call to action response, or the registration of user details.

The software is a single SDK that is implemented into apps at the development stage. Somo says this approach improves app performance and makes the solution easy to incorporate into app code.

Nick Hynes, CEO of Somo, says: “Using Apptimiser, Somos clients will be able to monitor and update their campaigns constantly, so theyll have the most effective mobile marketing in the industry. Somo is continually investing in technology to keep our clients at the forefront of mobile marketing. We are determined that our clients will be able to make the mobile channel as profitable and successful as other marketing channels.”