Sonaptic and TI hit 10 million Handset Milestone

British technology company Sonaptic has revealed that over 10 million handsets have now been produced using Texas Instruments OMAP applications processor, paired with Sonaptics advanced 3D audio technology. The majority of Japans major 3G handset manufacturers, including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and NEC, are now offering millions of people  3D audio on the move.
With Sonaptic Sound, listeners experience sound as if it were coming from all around them, whether through a headset or from the integral microspeakers mounted on the handset. The result, says Sonaptic, is a relaxing listening experience, akin to hearing music through a surround-sound audio system at home.
“With mobile phones integrating more entertainment applications, including music, videogames and movies, its important that handsets deliver outstanding sound quality, including 3D audio capabilities,” says Markus Tremmel, Worldwide Manager of TIs Cellular Systems Ecosystem. “TIs OMAP processors, combined with Sonaptic Sound, improve the quality of the user experience, and have delivered the optimal listening experience on phones in Japan.”
Phones enabled with Sonaptic Sound include the NEC N901i series, Fujitsu F901i and F902i series, and the Mitsubishi D901i and D902i series.
“As a member of TIs OMAP Developer Network, weve ensured that the Sonaptic Advanced Media Engine (AME) is optimised for all their OMAP platforms” adds Sonaptic Chief Executive, David Monteith. “We have made our technology accessible across Texas Instruments highly integrated and sophisticated OMAP platforms, proving once again that our technology can be adapted to individual platforms.”