Sony and Delivery Agent Team for Second Screen mCommerce

SideViewSony has partnered with Delivery Agent to enhance its TV SideView mobile app with the ShopTV platform that delivers direct TV commerce.

The TV SideView app enables users to find, record and set reminders for television content, as well as discuss shows on social networks and search for information while watching. By integrating Delivery Agents ShopTV platform, users will also be able to purchase items shown on the screen while they watch, directly from the mobile devices.

ShopTV, which has deals in place with numerous US television networks including NBC, CBS, Fox and FX, has previously partnered with Samsung to bring a similar functionality to its myTifi remote app for Samsung smart TVs.

“TV watching is no longer the family sitting around a single screen, but rather an omnichannel experience that involves TVs, tablets, phones and laptops,” said Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO of Delivery Agent. “We understand this shift and believe that integrating our tCommerce technology with innovative applications like Sonys TV SideView is an opportunity to expand and enhance the way viewers interact with their favourite TV content via their preferred devices.”

“Our TV SideView application already enables us to provide TV watchers with more dynamic second screen viewing and social interactivity with the TV,” said Makoto Ishii, general manager of the multi-screen UX service department, planning & operation division at Sony. “By partnering with Delivery Agent we can now include a shopping element through the second screen TV watching experience. This is the next level of consumer engagement.”