Sony Ericsson Launches Xperia Software Upgrade

Sony Ericsson has announced a software upgrade for its 2011 Xperia smartphone range for October 2011 that will add new functionality and features to the handsets.

The upgrade will offer improvements to Sony Ericssons Facebook inside Xperia offering and 3D camera functionality. A new ‘3D Sweep Panorama’ feature will enable users to capture images and then view them in 3D by connecting the phone to a 3D TV, using its HDMI output. The upgrade also enables Xperia owners to enjoy the full functionality of the Android Gingerbread platform, including Google Talk with Video Chat for Xperia handsets with front-facing cameras.

“With this software upgrade, we are bringing a wealth of new and really entertaining experiences to all our 2011 Xperia smartphones, including those already in consumers hands today,” says Nikolaus Scheurer, Sony Ericsson’s head of product marketing. “Our users will get to enjoy new features from Google, an even richer Facebook integration, and enhanced camera functionality from Sony.”

The software upgrade will be available in select markets through a phased roll out starting from October 2011. Xperia owners will receive a notification instructing them to instantaneously download the software over the air via 3G or wi-fi. Alternatively, they will have the option to connect to a computer and download it via their PC.