Sony Ericsson Unveils Debut Android Phone

Sex10 Sony Ericsson has unveiled its first Android phone, the XPERIA X10. It will be available from Q1, 2010.
The handset introduces a new UX platform that will evolve across the
product portfolio and expand over time continuously introducing new
features and capabilities. The UX platform builds on top of the Open OS
and according to the firm, creates a unique Sony Ericsson user
experience by combining best-in-class entertainment features with
signature applications, unrivalled integration of social media services
and a rich graphical user interface. The X10 is the first mobile phone
to truly humanise the way people interact with their phones, the
company says. 
The XPERIA X10 is a fantastic example of our make.believe philosophy
because we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and
demonstrating that anything consumers can imagine, we can make
possible, says Sony Ericsson EVP and Chief Creation Officer, Rikko
Sakaguchi. With the X10, we are raising the bar we have set ourselves
with entertainment-rich phones like Aino and Satio by making
communication more fun and playful, multiplying and enriching
opportunities to connect.
The phone comes with Sony Ericsson Timescape, which manages all
communications with one person in one place; and Sony Ericsson
Mediascape which collates music, photos and videos from multiple
sources and presents them on the handset. Theres also an Intelligent
Face Recognition feature that recognises up to five faces in any
picture, automatically connecting them with your social phonebook and
all other related communications with that person.
Apps for the phone can be downloaded from a variety of app stores, including PlayNow and the Android Market.