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Sony Launches 'World's First-ever Vertical Movie Trailer' for the Emoji Movie

Tyrone Stewart

Emoji Movie 'Meh'Sony Pictures Animation has launched the ‘world’s first-ever vertical movie trailer’ – designed for mobile users to view the teaser for the upcoming release of the Emoji Movie. A wise move considering the content of the movie.

The teaser trailer features the somewhat despondent vocals of Steven Wright (Mel Meh – he’s a ‘meh’ emoji) – who plays the father of T.J. Miller’s character, Gene – telling us to bring the family to see the movie when it’s released.

Tony Leondis, the director of the film, said, "Everyone – from your preschooler to your grandmother –sends emojis every day to share love, frustration, happiness... We all have an immediate connection with these icons that we send out as ways to express ourselves, and it paved the way for a very rich story and characters that audiences of all ages and backgrounds will be able to relate to.""

In addition, the studio has announced it will be teaming with the most popular apps to further promote the movie, which it says equals a social footprint of nearly 700 million followers. Many of these apps will also feature in the movie, also starring James Corden and Ilana Glazer, scheduled for release on 4 August 2017. They include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Candy Crush Saga, Spotify and more.

Kristine Belson, president of Sony Pictures Animation, added, "We knew early on that we wanted actual apps in the movie, to ground it in reality and raise the stakes for our characters.”