Sony Pictures turns to Snapchat Landmarker AR Lens to promote Jumanji: The Next Level

David Murphy

To celebrate the cinematic release of Jumanji: The Next Level, Sony has partnered with Snapchat to bring three iconic buildings to life through its Landmarker Augmented Reality (AR) Lens.

The campaign launches today and centres on the Natural History Museum in London; the Eiffel Tower in Paris; and the Taj Mahal in India. When Snapchatters are near any of those landmarks, they will see a Jumanji icon in their Lens carousel. When they select the icon, the screen will tell the Snapchatter to find the building. As Snapchatters point their phone’s camera at the building, they can watch as the buildings transform before their eyes.

Snapchatters outside of those cities can check out a gamified-Lens that will allow them to transport themselves into a game, navigating obstacles across three different worlds. The Lens will also allow them to swipe up to buy tickets.

The partnership taps into Snapchat’s ties with the movie industry. Recent research by the National Research Group found that in the UK, almost half of Snapchatters are frequent movie goers and 38 per cent are fans of action movie fans, such as Jumanji.