Sony Pictures and Vodafone use Spider-Man to help close digital skills gap

Tyrone Stewart

Spider-Man Into the Spider-VerseVodafone has teamed up with Sony Pictures to use the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to help young people around the world find digital jobs that match their skills.

The digital campaign, featuring the hotly-anticipated animated movie, will lead people to Vodafone’s free Future Jobs Finder – a gamified digital platform aimed at closing the digital skills gap by helping young people in 20 countries identify their skills and future career opportunities.

 “Our ambition is to help 10m young people to access digital skills, learning and employment opportunities and our partnership with Sony Pictures will help us accelerate our progress towards this goal by bringing our digital platform, Future Jobs Finder, to more young people who are thinking about their future career,” said Joakim Reiter, director of external affairs at Vodafone Group.

Since launching in March, Vodafone’s Future Jobs Finder has been completed by over 300,000 young people. The platform features a series of short tests – which have been developed by psychologists, careers experts, and training providers – to identify the skills and interests of young people in order to help them see their potential future within digital. In addition, the tool provides access to free digital skills training based on the answers chosen on the platform.

“Future Jobs Finder has been specifically designed to help young adults make a connection between their skills and digital careers they may never have thought of,” said Reiter. “Together we can harness the power of technology, and the excitement around the movie, to engage with young people to help them realise their potential and play a role in closing the digital skills gap.”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse centres around Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales/Spider-Man as he enters a shared multiverse – called the ‘Spider-Verse’ – where there are alternate universes with different Spider-Men. Morales has to work with these Spider-Men of parallel dimensions in order to save all reality.

The film will be released in the UK on 12 December, arriving in the US two days later.

“By teaming up with Vodafone we can engage with audiences using the inspirational power of this game-changing movie while also helping Vodafone to connect young people with digital jobs and free digital skills training,” said Andre Seddoh, VP of international marketing partnerships at Sony Pictures.

“One of the great moments in the movie is when Peter Parker says to Miles ‘don’t do it like me, do it like you,’ and this is what we want everyone to take away from this movie and use as inspiration to fulfil their own destiny.”