Sony Takes a Punt on Third Place in Smartphone Market

Sony is eyeing up third place in the global smartphone market, according to its head of mobile, aiming to head off Chinese rivals, Huwaei and ZTE, along with Microsoft and Blackberry.

In a roundtable briefing, Kunimasa Suzuki told reporters that the company will be tailoring its smartphones for different markets, with a view to making this arm of the business profitable after four consecutive annual losses. The Sony Xperia range, with a Z tablet slated for later this spring, is a large part of the company’s strategy to ensure future success. The high-end Xperia Z smartphone went on sale in Japan in January and is now available in 60 countries.

Sony sold its Tokyo-based City Osaki property last week, once dubbed the ‘holy land’ for the now ailing Japanese TV manufacturing market. Last month the Japanese company also sold its US headquarters in New York.