SoundCloud Bands Together with Twitter to Bring Streaming Audio to Tweets

audio_card_blogTwitter has partnered with SoundCloud to bring streaming audio to the social network, enabling musicians, media producers and marketers to share audio content with followers.

The Twitter Audio Card enables users to discover and listen to audio directly within their timeline on both iOS and Android devices. The Audio Card which hosts to content can be docked, letting users listen as they continue browsing the Twitter app.

The Audio Card includes track information and art which can be viewed full-screen or minimized without interrupting audio, and giving marketers the potential to engage users with visual content, as well as audio.

Initially, the new functionality is limited to selected SoundCloud partners, spanning podcasts, music and other audio content, and including The Washington Post, NPR, NASA, Pitchfork, Coldplay and Chromeo. Once testing with initial partners is complete, Twitter plans to expand the platform to more creators.