Sourcepoint launches OTT compliance solution for OTT and Connected TV environments

Sourcepoint, the compliance platform for the digital advertising ecosystem, has launched its OTT compliance solution to capture and transmit consumer privacy preference signals from within over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) environments. As part of its ‘Consent Everywhere’ commitment, Sourcepoint’s OTT support enables streaming media companies to capture privacy preferences to comply with global regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, and create a more seamless user experience.

As viewers increasingly consume digital video on multiple devices in multiple locations, the OTT solution supports platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, smart TVs and mobile video apps, enabling media companies to capture consent wherever content is enjoyed.

Additionally, Sourcepoint said that streaming media companies will be able to understand monetisation opportunities and improve inventory value, dependent on the attached privacy preferences of the consumer. Sourcepoint’s solution complies with regional regulatory considerations such as GDPR’s opt-in consent requirement and CCPA’s Do Not Sell/Do Not Track messaging for consumers, as well as their stipulation to manage data subject access and deletion requests.

“As users become accustomed to accessing content anywhere, at any time, media owners need to take responsibility for understanding consumers’ data privacy preferences, and OTT and CTV are no exception,” said Sourcepoint CEO and co-founder, Ben Barokas. “Sourcepoint can support all environments where users consume content, from desktop, to in-app and OTT, helping to provide a consistent and streamlined user experience in an age of privacy awareness.”

Sourcepoint’s OTT solution can work as part of the ‘Consent Everywhere’ commitment, ensuring consumers’ privacy preferences are respected wherever they engage with media, to ensure consent preferences are respected consistently across a range of devices. It can also provide insights into campaign performance, and integrate Sourcepoint’s ‘Authenticated Consent’ feature to collect durable privacy preferences based on identity, rather than cookies, across devices and environments. 

Finally, it offers creative control for on-brand messaging, with customised styling and UI components, and can incentivise consumers to share data in exchange for access to content (as applicable under certain regulations, for example CCPA).