Spa-chain Massage Envy launches new app and website

Massage Envy and Chemistry, a full-service agency, have collaborated to launch a new Massage Envy app and website that focuses more closely on customer service and health following the Covid-19 outbreak. Massage Envy’s new website includes a backend CMS and more efficient ways of keeping up with each customer’s profile and self-wellness journey.

To aid the website, the new and improved ME app allows customers to create new appointments, book at multiple locations, search by provider, compare locations and services, and track their own wellness plans. ME hopes to turn single-service customers into multi-service customers and expand its reach to new clients.

While the spread of Covid-19 is still a prominent issue for businesses that offer spa-services, the new ME digital products will also utilize Tags to point out which locations are still closed due to the pandemic. The app plans to update as more locations either close for safety concerns, or open back up due to decreased Covid-19 cases.

“The new ME digital experience takes advantage of modern programming techniques to combine the appointment tool for web and the native apps into a single set of code,” said Dan Dehner, Chief Interactive Officer, Chemistry. “For ME it produced a solution that reduced cost of investment and increased the ability to produce quicker to market updates. For the end user it created a seamless end to end experience whether you’re booking on your laptop, mobile, or through the native app. The interactions, design, and process is a one to one conversion across all devices and platforms that improves user adoption, reduces user frustration, and eliminates learning fatigue.”