Space Monkey on the iPhone

Mobile games publisher Glu Mobile has made its critically-acclaimed title, Space Monkey, available worldwide for the iPhone and iPod touch from Apples App Store. Space Monkey is a casual mobile puzzle adventure game that includes challenges and techniques exclusively for these devices.
The launch of the Apple App Store allows consumers to easily discover and download games for their mobile devices, says Jill Braff, Glu Mobiles Senior Vice President of Global Publishing. Space Monkey for iPhone and iPod touch utilizes the unique features and capabilities of the platform to incorporate levels of touch and movement, rich graphics and replayability that make for a truly captivating casual game.
In Space Monkey, Space has been consumed by Earths garbage and its up to one courageous monkey to clean up the entire cosmos. By spinning Space Monkey throughout the galaxy, gamers must help Space Monkey grab junk, deflect hazards and take down the biggest, baddest space enemies of them all.
In addition to features ported from other platforms, the iPhone and iPod Touch version includes
all-new features that utilize the accelerometer and innovative multi-touch user interface of the Apple devices, allowing gamers to physically move their device and tap their screen for improved manoeuvrability and deeper gameplay.
Space Monkey is available worldwide for just $9.99 (5) from Apples App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or online here.