Spain Opens Up

Bango has signed agreements with Vodafone Espaa and Orange Espaa which mean that mobile users in Spain now have full, open access to the mobile Internet. Content providers can reach phone users on any network to market and sell content and services directly to 45 million Spanish users as one, unified market. These agreements follow an established deal with Telefnica Mviles Espaa (TME) signed last May.
The relationship between Bango and the three operators means that any Spanish phone user can browse the mobile Internet, reach third-party WAP sites, and pay for premium content directly on their phone bill. 
“Spanish mobile operators came very close to launching the Simpay mobile brand in 2005,” says Bango CEO Ray Anderson. “The vision of providing a cross-operator, safe mobile payment experience is finally realised by this partnership between the three operators and Bango.”
Bango enables brands and content providers to engage directly with consumers on the mobile Internet. Content providers use the Bango platform to market to their customers, to track and manage user activity across all mobile networks, and to sell digital content, such as music, games, videos and pictures. These agreements mean that brands that have depended on a single channel to market in Spain through an operator portal can now also integrate mobile marketing into their direct-to-consumer marketing programmes.
Using Bango, content providers of all sizes get their mobile content to market quickly and cost effectively, reaching consumers on all networks. Content providers sign up for the Bango Service by registering on the Bango website. They decide how to price and promote their mobile services and with no integration work required, they can receive their first mobile payments in Spain and world-wide within hours.
Bangos mobile payment platform is used by consumers in more than 130 countries, accessing the mobile Internet via more than 250 operators, to pay for mobile content. Global brands such as News Corporation, MediaPlazza, MTV, Discovery Mobile, together with smaller, niche content providers, use the Bango Service to create sophisticated browse-and-buy content portals marketed directly to their consumers.