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Spain Sees Highest Holiday MMS Usage

Kirsty Styles

Global multimedia message traffic peaked at 424 per cent above average over the holiday season, according to data from Acision, with video the most popular type of content shared. The company says that this indicates the ‘enduring value’ of being able to share rich information in this way, even in developed markets, and regardless of access to apps with this function.

Spain saw MMS usage peak on New Year’s Eve, increasing by 424 per cent. With the most video messages sent on Christmas Eve, an increase of 972 per cent compared to the previous week.

In Argentina, Acision saw  saw a peak increase of 377 per cent during the country’s busiest messaging hour – from midnight on New Year’s Day. Sharing video via MMS was also popular here, where it rose by 475 per cent on Christmas Day. Audio traffic saw the largest increase in the US, of 289 per cent on Christmas Day, compared to the previous week. In India, Acision deliever 1m MMS messages in a 24 hour period, a 400 per cent jump in traffic compared to an average day.

"We put this surge down to consumers increasing  desire to share rich content and special moments, stimulated by the global phenomenon of social networking, which has also been made easier by the growing popularity of smart devices and access to networking applications," said Jorgen Nilsson, chief executive at Acision.