SPB Launches Android Migration Tool

SPB Software has launched the SPB Migration Tool, which helps mobile users to migrate their personal data, including contacts, texts and links, from a Windows Mobile or Symbian device to a new Android phone.

SPB says the tool provides an easy-to-use interface, with step-by-step migration of data, and no need to involve a PC. Data can be migrated via a MicroSD card, or the mobile web. The app can be downloaded here. And there are detailed instructions on how to use the SPB Migration Tool here.

“SPB Survey 2010 showed the tendency of migrating from all other platforms to Android, and SPB is happy to support its customers with the right solution for it,” says SPB CEO, Sebastian-Justus Schmidt. “It is much easier to get used to the new smartphone when all the favourite contacts, important text messages, recent call logs and bookmarks are kept on it. So we did our best to create the tool that facilitates the migration to the new device by making it really smooth and convenient.”