SPB Launches Broadcaster App Store

SPB Software has launched a new mobile TV app store for broadcasters, SPB TV 3.0. The store has been developed as a publishing platform for TV channels, enabling broadcasters and content owners to distribute their content on mobile devices around the world.

Mobile operators with existing catalogues will be able to expand their offering by providing customers with advanced support for premium channels and video-on-demand, as well as granting many TV channels a welcome additional potential revenue stream, in the face of lukewarm advertising and subscription rates.

The SPB TV 3.0 content directory lets users peruse a wide range of paid and free broadcast content, in a similar vein to browsing an app store, and allows for a variety of types of offering, including ad-supported, paid-for or free content. SPB claims that this could help operators and TV channels to tap an estimated market of more than 4m mobile TV fans, be it in the form of news channel subscriptions, episodes from drama and comedy series or one-off video content downloads.