SPB Launches Data Traffic Monitor for Android

SPB Software has launched SPB Wireless Monitor, which measures data traffic via all types of connections and calculates network usage costs, according to the user’s current data plan.

SPB Wireless Monitor prevents unwanted mobile service charges and gives subscribers control over their mobile data spending. It measures data traffic, calculates network charges according to the user’s current tariff, sends warnings of costly data usage, and reports the specific data traffic each application generates. It supports various types of connection, including 3G, GPRS, CDMA and wi-fi, and provides users with a report on the amount of date consumed per application, allowing them to highlight the most data-intensive apps. A homescreen widget provides fast access to the data traffic information.

“With the growing popularity of the Android platform, the number of apps available on the Android Market increases very fast,” says SPB CEO, Sebastian-Justus Schmidt. “The total number of applications available for Google Android Market today, almost 130,000, is six times the number of applications available one year ago. The more applications are downloaded, the harder it is to track the data traffic and to control expenses on mobile internet. It can lead to the reduction of usage of any applications that require internet connection and, a limitation of app choice for end users, and lost revenue for mobile operators. SPB has created this solution that provides daily, monthly, yearly or custom period cost reports according to the pre-defined tariff rates, and helps to avoid unrestrained spending.”

SPB Wireless Monitor is compatible with Android 2.1 and higher. It is available for $9.95 (£6) from Android Market.