SpinVox Launches One-click Voxlinks Service

Voice-to-content messaging company SpinVox has announced the launch of VoxLinks, which will give one-click access to a range of messaging services.
SpinVox subscribers who receive a voicemail message converted to text can now talk-a-text reply back to the person who left them a message, even if the original caller is not a SpinVox subscriber. The new service is being launched initially to the SpinVox subscriber base in Europe.
SpinVox-converted voicemails will have two VoxLinks at the bottom of the SMS message. To speak a reply, all users need to do is click on the Reply VoxLink. When the recipient receives the spoken text message, they too will be given the option of clicking on a Reply Voxlink to speak a text response, enabling a continuous conversation. If, for any reason, the recipient wishes to listen to their voicemail messages, all they need to do is click on the second VoxLink labelled Listen to hear the audio instantly, eliminating the need to dial into voicemail. VoxLinks is integrated into the converted message so there is nothing to download.
People speaking a text reply via SpinVox VoxLinks will pay their standard call charge. There will be no additional charge for the convenience of the voice to text conversion by SpinVox. 
Text messaging continues to grow at a phenomenal rate – 2.5 trillion texts were sent in 2008 (according to Gartner) says SpinVox CEO, Christina Domecq. But many people find thumb-typing a text cumbersome. Strategically, VoxLinks gets the SpinVox experience to millions more people who will appreciate that it is seven times quicker to read a converted message than it is to dial-in and listen to it via traditional voicemail, and that speaking a text is seven times faster than typing one. I can see the day when thumb-typing a text is a thing of the past.