Spirit Launches Tablet Video and Voice Conferencing SDK

Voice and video over IP solutions firm Spirit has launched TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Tablet. This SDK allows service providers, app developers, and device manufacturers to quickly deploy voice and video conferencing to their services. 

TeamSpirit Tablet is a communications client-side voice and video engine, specifically designed for tablets with 7-12-inch screens, touchscreen user interfaces, and all available types of internet connection support. 

TeamSpirit Tablet is designed to deliver high quality, hands-free audio using SPIRITs IP-MRTM (IP Multi Rate), wideband voice codec (IETF RFC 6262) and H.264 scalable HD video (up to 720p HD resolution) on the most popular iOS and Android-based tablet computers. 

“Tablet computers are going to make a groundbreaking advancement in both the consumer and professional mobile videoconferencing business. Not only does it give a face-to-face experience and real-life picture size, it also allows for multi-party business video meetings with remote teams and partners, as well as many other collaboration tools such as screen and document sharing, which makes no practical sense on smartphones,” says SPIRITs product marketing director Alexander Samarin. “Tablets are quickly becoming the communication device of choice in the world, and were proud to say that our new TeamSpirit Tablet SDK is uniquely designed to support all popular tablet devices, conferencing scenarios and multipoint video layouts.”

The SDK features SPIRITs patent-free HD voice codec IP-MR; speech enhancement algorithms; multi-layer packet loss recovery module for audio and video streaming; and a special module for adapting streams to cater for network impairments.

The SDK also supports Googles patent-free VP8 video codec, in addition to standard H.263, H.264 AVC, and MPEG4 video codecs – all up to 30fps. 

To make an enquiry, head to the TeamSpirit website