Splashpath App Targets Swimmers

iPhone app developer KINKUB has released Splashpath, a free web and iPhone app designed to encourage the public to swim more often in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic Games. The app is funded by Channel 4’s investment arm 4iP.

Splashpath uses The Leisure Database Company’s database of more than 4,674 swimming pools to enable users to find their nearest pool, look forpecific activity sessions in their area (such as Mother and Baby classes) and generate a timetable which can then be exported to other websites.

Splashpath also motivates users by enabling them to track their swimming progress and complete challenges and competitions which can be mapped, to show, for example, how far across the English Channel they have swum. A social networking aspect has also been included to create communities around pools; users can locate and become friends with other swimmers at their local pool, follow them as they complete challenges, and invite them for a joint swim.

While the app is initially focused on swimming, KINKUB says it is looking to expand it into group exercise, fitness membership and other dry-side sports, furthering the nationwide roll-out to increase healthy living up to and beyond the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games.
“The potential for an iPhone app can only be realised when it offers users something both useful and innovative, and this is exactly what Splashpath provides – an easy way to get more active in the run up to the Olympics,” says KINKUB creative director, Dan Morgan.