Sponge Launches SMS Incentive Application

Mobile agency Sponge has announced the launch of a text-to-win application for sales and trade campaigns. The application enables sales managers to deploy their own text-to-win campaigns to incentivise their retail customers sales staff to push their products in-store. Whenever the suppliers product is purchased in-store, the relevant sales person can send an SMS into the Sales Incentive Text-to-Win Application to be automatically entered into the next prize draw.
The application can identify in-store staff by their account number and/or name (from a pre-defined list) and validates entries before automatically submitting them into the next prize draw. Sponges Draw Engine then randomly selects winners from all valid entries, at the pre-set draw time, and triggers reply text messages to all entrants to confirm whether or not they are a winner also confirming their prize and claim instructions.
The application also offers a reporting interface with real-time data for area sales managers to validate winners and track the success of their incentive sales scheme and participation by customers individual sales staff, and, where required, a second interface can be deployed for fulfilment partners to track and co-ordinate prize delivery.
This application has already been successfully deployed for a major brand co-ordinated across eight European countries simultaneously.