Sports Direct named official title partner of HYROX Champions

Sports Direct has been named the official title partner of fitness competition HYROX.

Ahead of the event, taking place this weekend [4 May 2024-6 May 2024], the retailer will host two days of in-store activities at its Oxford Street flagship, getting participants race-ready with all the kit and knowledge they need.

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As a result, live DJs will perform in-store to pump up attendees, and Puma HYROX ambassadors, Faisal Abdalla and Gede Foster, will be on-site providing last minute advice.

As part of the partnership, Sports Direct will be the home for HYROX London Olympia competitors to complete their pre-registration and offering attendees the opportunity to win high-performance gear from the Puma HYROX collection.

Frasers Group CEO, Michael Murray said: “HYROX shares Sports Direct’s ambition to make sports accessible to all as it is a race designed to accommodate both professional athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts.

“I am a big believer in fitness and well-being, and nobody has captured the fitness space and created hype quite like HYROX has. We’re excited to see how seasoned competitors and first-timers perform in the race with the support of our in-store activities, and how many of our shoppers feel inspired to take their training to the next level.”

HYROX founder, Christian Totzke added: “We believe that HYROX is the healthiest form of competition on earth, it’s a sport which anyone can compete in and it’s great for us to see Sports Direct with its huge reach and depth of consumer support our journey.

“Our mission is to connect the world’s training communities through our sport, training and lifestyle and there are few better conduits for that mission than Sports Direct which already serves as a townhall for so many different sports, brands and people”.