Spotify launches new in-house agency, Creative Lab

Spotify has launched a new in-house creative agency, Creative Lab.

According to the streaming giant, the move has been launched to collaborate with brands and agencies, driving creativity and enabling partners to create compelling brand experiences that harness the full creative, cultural, and contextual potential of Spotify.

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As a result, it aims to reach over 615 million of its hyper-engaged audience members.

Meanwhile, brands including Rockstar Energy Drink and Aperol have already partnered with Spotify’s Creative Lab team, to create innovative and customised experiences that delight audiences and drive real impact for advertisers.

Spotify Global Creative Director, Kay Hsu said: At Spotify, we’re always looking for ways to strengthen creative output and foster deeper connections between consumers and brands.

“Creative Lab allows us to go a level deeper, working even closer with advertisers to create unique creative experiences that build more meaningful connections with consumers.”

The move comes as research by the streaming giant revealed that 87% of advertisers believe Spotify allows them to be more creative compared to other platforms.

Some 92% added Spotify is a great place to create customised creative experiences, whereas, 90% agreed Spotify offers unique opportunities for brands to show their creativity.