Spotify launches in 13 additional European markets

Spotify has launched its service in 13 new European markets, including the world’s biggest country, Russia. The expansion means that Spotify offers service in a total of 92 international markets.

In addition to Russia, the 17th largest streaming market in the world, Spotify has debuted in Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. Each of these markets will have access the streaming service’s free and premium services.

“Today’s launch opens the door for nearly 250m fans to start discovering new music from around the world on Spotify, and for artists in the region to reach the increasingly connected global audience of fans,” said Gustav Gyllenhammar, Spotify VP, Markets and Subscriber Growth. “Launching in these 13 markets is an important moment in Spotify’s journey, especially as we welcome fans and artists in growing music markets like Russia, where streaming is being widely adopted and where we see a significant opportunity for Spotify.”

To celebrate the expansion, Spotify has also introduced 200 playlists featuring artists from across the 13 nations. Russia, alone, has received almost 100 playlists, and personalised playlists – such as Release Radar and Daily Mix – are now available in Russian.