Spotify is making its editorial playlists more personalized

The Spotify editorial team, which is in charge of building the streaming service’s library of playlists, will now be making each playlist personalized to every listener. In a blog post published today, the platform revealed they are tweaking their playlist ecosystem so users can stream more new music and hidden artists can be discovered.

“Some playlists will now be personalized for each listener based on their particular taste. This means that for those specific playlists, no two will be the same,” said the post.

By changing the way songs are added to playlists, Spotify hopes to get specific music “in front of the right listeners.” While testing the feature with a select pool of listeners, Spotify found that users listened longer, the number of artists featured on editorial playlists jumped 30 per cent, and the number of songs users discovered increased by 35 per cent.

The post continued, “We found that, after discovering a song through a personalized editorial playlist, the number of listeners who then seek out the track on their own for repeat listens is up by 80 per cent. In fact, the average number of times a listener saves a track is up 66 per cent—all of which is good news for artists.”

Spotify also wanted to give artists a way of sharing the editorial playlists they will now appear on, so it created unique links that are shareable via Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics. When someone clicks on the unique link shared by the artist, they will be taken to the personalized website with that artist’s song listed first.