Spotify launches in-app song psychic feature with UK marketing campaign

Spotify has launched its new Song Psychic feature that will help users find answers to questions via music.

Inspired by fortune telling, the Magic 8 Ball and decision fatigue affecting people every day, the new feature will help users answer questions through the lens of music.

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For example, users will be able to pick from a list of nine topics including school, style, lunch, love, career, myself, my future, friends & family, and life’s greatest mysteries.

They will then have Song Psychic read their mind, with users being able to pick from a variety of pre-populated questions, like “Should I go on this date?”, “Should I book a vacation?” or “What should I have for lunch?”.

After selecting a question, a contemplation screen will be shown while Song Psychic finds the perfect song to answer their question.

When the answer appears, users have the option to listen to the song on the streaming platform ask another question, and share their results on social media.

To launch the in-app feature, the streaming giant has unveiled a creative marketing campaign across out-of-home and digital social platforms in the UK.

Spotify will also speak directly to users, reflecting to them the thousands of questions that pop into their heads throughout the day with an answer from Song Psychic.

Song Psychic will also come to life with a mix of static and video content around key locations in London, including Shoreditch, Battersea Park, Oxford Street and Soho, as well as across the London Underground.

The news comes as Spotify’s head of global marketing, Louisa Ferguson, described last year’s Wrapped as the “realest” so far, despite something about 2023 feeling “especially chaotic” with regards to how people consumed culture.