Spotify reveals latest brand campaign Only You

Spotify has launched its latest campaign Only You, celebrating the individuality of each listener.

The multifaceted data-driven creative campaign will feature an in-app experience, personalised playlists, and global marketing in 22 markets across TV, social, digital and OOH.

As part of the campaign, the platform is releasing hero films celebrating the unique personalities, habits, and expressions of fandom within the Spotify community. The films zero in on one hypothetical listener of SZA, Lil Nas X and Harry Styles as an ode to the millions of fans who use Spotify every day to connect with the music they love.

As part of the in-app experience, users can discover their Audio Birth Chart – the Sun being the top artist they listened to over the past six months, the Moon being an artist they listened to that best shows their emotional or vulnerable side, and the Rising being an artist they recently connected to. 

Users can also discover their Song Year – how theyve musically travelled through different time periods and their Artist Pairs – the unique audio pairings that theyve listened to recently, showing their range of listening interests. 

By selecting three artists theyd invite to the dinner party of their dreams, users can receive a personalised Spotify mix from each artist to set the mood.

“Only You celebrates the uniqueness of each listener through fun stories that highlight the diverse tastes and interests across our global community,” said Neal Gorevic, Global Head of Consumer Marketing at Spotify.

“Whether you start your day with an episode of ‘Crime Junkie’ or spend your afternoon blasting ‘Rap Caviar’ while replying to emails, how we listen is a reflection of our personalities and who we are. No matter how you listen, you have a home on Spotify.”