WATCH: Spotify unveils latest B2B stunt Spreadbeats

Spotify has launched a new B2B campaign, Spotify Spreadbeats, aimed at marketers, agencies and brand decision makers.

The campaign is a first-of-its-kind music video made and distributed entirely in a media plan spreadsheet, partnering media proposals with the creative power of the streaming platform.

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Following weeks of testing across 14 markets including US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India and Singapore, Spreadbeats will drop directly into unsuspecting brand and agency inboxes this week.

Spotify Global Creative Director, Rich Frankel, said: “The media plan is the unsung workhorse of our industry, and it’s not necessarily the first thing you’d think of to tell a story creatively.

“Through Spreadbeats, we are using the analytical tools of our trade to deliver a memorable experience. We hope to inspire our brand and agency partners to never look at a media plan from Spotify the same way again.”

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