Spotify updates its free version with on-demand access to 15 curated playlists

Spotify has released a new version of the free, ad-supported version of its platform, Free on Spotify. The 90m users of the free service will now have access to 15 personalised discovery playlists such as Daily Mix, Discover Weekly and Release Radar, enabling them to listen to any track within those playlists on demand.  Users can play songs from those playlists in any order, and skip as much as they like, unlike the usual Shuffle mode that free users are used to. Spotify has dubbed this feature Pick and Play. The app will also recommend tracks similar to the ones users show they like by tapping the ‘Like’ icon.

When users sign up, they will be asked about the artists they like, so that Spotify can deliver curated playlists that match their musical taste.Users of the free app can still create their own playlists and now have the ability to search and preview tracks to include on them.

The new app also features a ‘Data Saver’ toggle that optimises the listening experience to use less mobile data when listening to music on a cellular connection, though Spotify has not gone into detail about how this is achieved.

The new version of the app is being rolled out to iOS and Android users globally in the coming weeks.