Spotify updates its mobile app home screens to put discovery at heart of experience

Spotify has updated its mobile home screen to provide users with a more personalised and straightforward listening experience. Following on from the ‘refreshed’ interface the platform introduced last year, listeners will soon be able to easily find and re-listen to their ‘recently played’ content, quickly dive back into unfinished podcasts, and be offered personalised recommendations.

Users – whether premium or free – will see a ‘Recently played’ destination on their home screens, enabling them to see up to three months’ worth of listening history and rediscover the content they had recently listened to.

For premium users, new and relevant podcast episodes will be featured upon opening the Spotify app. New episodes will be marked with a blue dot, and episodes that the user has already started will features a progress bar showing how far they are into the episode.

Finally, also for premium users, there will be a section of the home screen offering personalised music recommendations, based on what the user has been listening to, helping music lovers to discover new songs from their favourite artists or uncover a new favourite.

Spotify will roll out these updates to both Android and iOS users around the world over the remainder of this month.