Spotify and WPP's Data Alliance Enter Global Partnership

Tim Maytom

Spotify-iOS-App.jpgData Alliance, a WPP company that provides enhanced access to data-driven marketing applications, has announced a global partnership with Spotify aimed at providing insights and generating new creative and programmatic solutions.

The collaboration between the two firms will focus on data, research and technical innovation, as well as expanding Spotify's reach in WPP's international markets.

The partnership will provide WPP with access to Spotify's unique listening preferences and behavioural data for its 100m users in 60 countries, and enable WPP and its clients to harness insights generated by this new source of data.

"WPP and Spotify are humanising 'quant' data by harmonising it with music preferences as a new window into the mood and emotion of global audiences during daily moments," said Nick Nyhan, CEO of WPP's Data Alliance. "It's not about 'just' having data anymore, it's about finding new ways to create connections through emotion."

Among the benefits WPP's various companies will gain from the partnership are first-mover access to Spotify's mood data, as well as connected device usage for Spotify accounts and a place as the premier launch partner to Spotify in selected new launch markets.

"Today's announcement lays the foundation for a long term strategic alliance between Spotify and WPP," said Alex Underwood, vice president and global head of agency and partnerships at Spotify. "This partnership will drive mutual growth and enable us to further unlock the power of technology, creativity and music data for brands."

"The insights we'll develop from Spotify's behavioural data will help our clients realise a material marketplace advantage, aiding delivery of ads that are appropriate to the consumer's mood and the device used," said Harvey Goldhersz, CEO of GroupM Data & Analytics.

"Additionally, when connected to all of the other consuemr data we are able to gather from hundreds of sources, this will enhance our ability to have the most complete consumer view in order to help marketers achieve successful outcomes."